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Custom FileWave Client for Mac

The Custom Client is to be used to enroll new devices into FileWave.
These should NOT be used to upgrade an existing FileWave Client. Doing so may break communication between the Client and FileWave server.
Please refer to the product download pages to obtain the appropriate Client Upgrade Fileset to upgrade your existing FileWave Clients

Mandatory Settings

Product Version Select the FileWave Version you want to base your build on - Notarisation info
Sync Computer Name If enabled (default), FileWave Client queries the OS at each startup for the hostname to use to connect to the FileWave Server
Client Name Settings controls naming of clients , when sync_hostname is off. Variables : %Serialnumber - %MacAddress - %ComputerName
Server Name
Server Port
Use Ssl
Client Password

Optional Settings

Is Tracking Triggers client-side activation of location tracking ; still requires Management mode to be set to 'normal' or 'missing' to actually enable location tracking
Monitor Port
Overwrite Configuration When checked, will overwrite filewave client configuration in any case. When unchecked, will overwrite if plist is damaged or non-existent.
Remotecontrol Enabled Checks the "Managed Remote Control" box ; enables TeamViewer (for FileWave 14.7 or lower, it enables built-in VNC server of FileWave Client)
Remotecontrol Prompting Whether an incoming request for control is auto-approved (default) or not
Server Certificate Self-Signed Certs only. Export from FileWave Admin - Preferences - General - Get Current Certificate - as .crt.
Server Publish Port
Tickle Interval
Vnc Relay Port Used for FileWave 14.7 or prior, ignored for 14.8 and above
Vnc Server Port Used for FileWave 14.7 or prior, ignored for 14.8 and above

Booster Settings

Booster Routing Enables Booster routing. When you enable this, you can theoretically leave the server address blank - but the client will not be able to function when all boosters are down.
Booster1 Address
Booster1 Download Port
Booster1 Publish Port
Booster2 Address
Booster2 Download Port
Booster2 Publish Port
Booster3 Address
Booster3 Download Port
Booster3 Publish Port
Booster4 Address
Booster4 Download Port
Booster4 Publish Port
Booster5 Address
Booster5 Download Port
Booster5 Publish Port

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